a place where I put all my anger, hunger, desire, illusion, and lust. an ambition of making people inspired by the revolution of thinking. to make people see that what seems wrong isn't always wrong. I'm addicted with cats, they act like a queen think like a man. I post my sketches, artworks, videos here, but, never ask me to share feelings and junks. I believe in fairies, but doesn't mean it makes me pixie and pink. I believe in fairies because I believe in miracles, cause miracles won't come true when you don't believe in it. my name is Luthfi Riadi Darwis, and I'm going to be a big influence for world.



left; sketched by Johanna Nyberg [one of my favorite artists]
right; sketched by me
illustration of myself that I made last year

wearing vintage jacket, Jeans shirt, unbranded striped t-shirt, leather shorts, and black tights.

been stressed out these days, like I isolated myself most of the time.

is it possible, to be lost in what we really love the most? like, do we still love what we do? does it can disappear just like that?
"cause I eat so much candy" + "you mean if I stuck in a place where I couldn't have any color? I probably just have way cooler dreams then" + "yknow, you can be yourself to yourself, but if you can be yourself to the world, I think you're way more fulfilled" + "you have that all colors, cause like, how cool is purple without red and blue, how cool is green without green and yellow next to ever"

been waiting for this film directed by Sofia Coppola. based on an actual event, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers tracked some celebrities' houses on the internet and robbed them.

here's what actually happened,

[$hit happens. you can't watch it here, watch it on youtube if you want to know more]

trying to be a nationalist, I shouted again